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Latest Vision Critical Sparq® Release Focuses on Customer Consent, Trust And New Business Value

Spring ‘19 release, co-developed by current customers, showcases new commercial value of customer insights

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – April 23, 2019 – Vision Critical, a pioneer in the collection and application of consent data, today released its Sparq® Spring ‘19 platform update. This latest iteration of Sparq, developed in collaboration with customers, helps brands access customer attitudes, motivations and intent, increase customer value through trust and transparency, and fuel business growth.

Available to all customers today, Sparq Spring ‘19 makes commonly used distribution, activities, and analysis workflows more efficient through improved functionality and user experience. And it simplifies the acquisition of consent data and engagement of community members through greater community visibility and targeting.

Consent data refers to personal information provided directly by an individual to a recipient where both parties are aware of the use and benefits of that data. When iteratively collected and thoughtfully applied by brands seeking to understand their customers, consent data improves the accuracy of customer acquisition and rate of retention, as well as customer satisfaction.

“Brands who aren’t genuinely customer centric risk becoming irrelevant,” said Scott Miller, chief executive officer of Vision Critical. “In close cooperation with our own customers, we are giving brands more power to collect and apply valuable customer consent data, nurturing better customer experiences that result in deeper customer understanding and unrealized business value.”

The Sparq Spring ’19 release comes on top of many previously released updates as part of a new consistent release cycle. It provides faster and better service to administrators and increases productivity with the addition of more than 20 features driven by customer insight and feedback. These features include an elevated survey experience, the ability to build upon existing customer data with automatic Salesforce syncing, and enhanced member engagement.

According to Lauren La Cascia, SVP, customer insights & analytics at retail giant J. Crew, “At J.Crew, being customer centric and data-driven in our decision making is non-negotiable. The insight communities are an incredibly powerful enabler for that conversation with customers. Nothing is ever certain in retail but having a group of our customers to regularly convene and vet new products, to discuss what we’re getting right and wrong, and to understand how attitudes are evolving over time has helped us exponentially in our planning. We’re proud of how pervasive these communities have become internally to inform what’s ahead for J.Crew.”

“To thrive in today’s ultra-competitive mobile gaming market, we needed the ability to engage our players in continuous conversations in order to better understand their attitudes, motivations, preferences and barriers to enjoyment. We have rich behavioral data, but that data alone doesn't tell us what motivates long term engagement or why players enjoy certain features and find others frustrating, ” said Lisa Spano, vice president insights at Jam City. “With Vision Critical, we now have the ability to build strong relationships with our VIP players and obtain feedback on everything from early concepts to new game mechanics. This relationship allows our players to have a voice in the development process and improve the overall player experience.”

Sparq is a customer engagement and insight platform where companies repeatedly engage deeply profiled customers who have given consent to participate in studies and activities that produce first party data, trends, and business impacting insights. Vision Critical’s unique relationship-based approach progressively profiles the customer at every interaction producing richer, more reliable customer attitude, emotion, intention and preference data to solve common business needs, such as:

About Vision Critical

Vision Critical builds customer trust and creates new business value through the collection and application of consent data. With its unique, relationship-based approach, Vision Critical’s Sparq platform lets brands directly interact with communities of opted-in customers. Unlike traditional voice of customer methods, Vision Critical unlocks the real-time feedback that companies need to build better products, deliver better services, and achieve better business outcomes hand in hand with their own highly-engaged, well-profiled customers.

Hundreds of high-performing organizations across multiple industries benefit from Vision Critical’s technology and guidance, including BuzzFeed, LinkedIn, GoDaddy, VMWare, and more. To learn more about Vision Critical, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, or visit us at