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What Less Teen Driving Means For Brands

When I was a teen, my friends and I couldn’t wait to get our own cars. We begged our parents to teach us how to drive, help us get our driver’s licenses and buy our first cars. It was a rite of passage that was as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and, well…Chevrolet. 

However, times have changed, and today, teens are just not as car-crazy as they used to be. In fact, studies show that teenagers are delaying getting their licenses. In 2012, 73% of high school seniors had a driver’s license—down from 85% in 1996. The shift in car popularity is so surprising that we recently studied the top brands loved by Millennials and found that not a single car brand is among the top 25. While companies like Google and Amazon are connecting well with Millennials, car brands are dropping off teens’ radars. 

Many factors have been influencing the end of car culture in America. Factoring in maintenance, gas and insurance, driving is more expensive than ever before. And, with less income because of teen unemployment and growing student loans, teens simply can’t afford to own a vehicle. 

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