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What would Google do with market research?

In his book What Would Google Do?, Jeff Jarvis spells out how the internet has dramatically altered relationships between people and organisations. Brand, customer experience and product development teams know this, and largely recognise the need to change; but is customer insight changing fast enough?

Six of the core principles from Jarvis’s book have profound implications for the market research business.

1. Customers are now in charge. They can be heard around the globe and have a huge impact on institutions in an instant.
People are ‘always on’; the speed of online viral diffusion is measured in hours or minutes. Great if you’re in at the start of a Harlem Shake; not great if your Twitter campaign quickly fills with ‘bashtags’ like #McDStories (“One time I walked into McDonalds and could smell Type 2 diabetes in the air”) or #WaitroseReasons (“I shop at Waitrose because I detest being surrounded by poor people”).

Market research has to get radically faster to be meaningful. Feedback in minutes or hours is essential if brands are to plan responses in time.

Read the full article from Managing Director of Vision Critical UK, Mike Stevens on ResearchLive