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Why Marketers Still Can’t Get Customer Engagement Right: 4 Quick Fixes to Get it Right

Engage your customers.

Ask any marketing professional for social media advice and you’ll likely be told to engage with your customers as frequently as possible. They’ll tell you to ask smart questions and to ‘humanize’ your brand. You’re likely to hear how you need to “join the conversation.”  

Gathering customer input has never been easier, yet brands seem to have a tough time doing just that. While companies can now collect feedback through emails, social media platforms, insight communities and forums, they find it difficult to prioritize data, sort through the noise and bridge silos.

Unfortunately, many companies are weak at customer engagement because they fall short on one very important thing: closing the feedback loop. To work effectively, engagement needs to go beyond asking questions and collecting responses.  Proper engagement requires letting people know how their input informed business decisions. It may sound simple, but it’s something many companies fail to do.

For customer feedback to turn into meaningful customer relationships, brands need to communicate back to customers how their insights help shape the company.

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