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Why Pinterest is an integral social media channel for retail brands

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google+ have become almost mandatory channels for brands’ online marketing efforts. Yet the question for some still looms over Pinterest. Since its launch in 2011, the popular online pin-board now boasts a global user base of 70 million, with over 2 million of these users hailing from the UK according toSemioCast. Amazon has responded by recently introducing its own version of the pin-board integrated within its site titled Collections. While Amazon might have a clear distinctive advantage through its own on-site build, other retailers will be hard pressed to see returns equalling its success with a similar move.

There are a number of clear reasons as to why brands should be using Pinterest: brand awareness, brand equity and ultimately customer retention. Yet the defining factor that should sway retail brands into using Pinterest is its e-commerce and sales potential.

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