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Your Brand’s Uber-Fans are not Uber-Advocates. So who is?

The average CMO’s budget increased 6% from $104 million in 2012 to $110 million in 2013. A huge chunk of that $110 million are investments that marketers are making in commerce experiences, social marketing, content creation, and mobile marketing. Somewhere in there, you’ll also find significant spend on brand advocacy programs, a gray area in marketing that’s often undefined and unfamiliar.

In this unknown territory of advocacy, marketing teams are using the terms “fans” and “advocates” interchangeably, which is wrong. The definition of a fanatic (or fan) is an individual marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion to a person, place, thing, etc. An advocate, on the other hand, is someone that pleads the cause of another, or one that supports or promotes the interest of another.

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