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YouTube introduces new analytics tool for viewer market research

Advertising agencies may have a new way to conduct market research and determine what kind of response online marketing videos generate among viewers, giving greater insight into why certain tactics work.

YouTube has rolled out a revised version of Insight, its video tracking and viewer demographic tool, and has changed the name to Analytics, TechCrunch reports.

The updates aim to provide a deeper understanding of the audience and shift the focus to social media statistics, according to the source. Analytics users will now see comments, likes and net subscriber change featured more prominently in the layout. A measure of audience retention is one of the additional tools.

“The new analytics tool can be broken up into four essential portions: A quick overview of all viewing data, detailed reports of specific video data, an audience builder tool and an audience retention tool,” Venture Beat explains. The source adds that the feature will be particularly helpful for groups who don’t have many resources to dedicate to video.

On the YouTube blog, the company touts the offering as a means of building a company’s viewer base, driving up engagement rates and increasing revenue. With YouTube Analytics, the website claims, users will be able to target consumers by finding out where the audience is from and who they are, as well as tracking where their traffic originated.