Unlock the Potential of Your Community

Is Your Community Helping or Hurting Your Business?

You already know community matters, but ask yourself this: is your current solution allowing you to maximize the value you can deliver to your business?

We’ve done the research and found that not all communities are created equal. There are four rules you need to follow to create the best experience for your audience.

  1. Bigger is better. With a small community you are only hearing the voice of a small subset of your customers. It is likely that their views don’t represent the greater audience—resulting in bad information and even worse business decisions.
  2. Choose the right number of activities. By overwhelming community members with questions that don’t line up with your business, you can create fatigue. Even worse, it makes your best customers angry.
  3. Provide an engaging experience. You need to be confident that your platform, and the company behind that platform, will continue to update and invest to provide the best possible experience.
  4. House all stakeholder audiences on one platform. A robust platform will allow you to break down reporting silos between communities and enable one insight to build on the next.


To learn what you’re missing out on and how to add more value and boost ROI for your company, download the full report, Four Rules for Getting the Most Out of Your Community




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