How to Thrive in the Age of the Empowered Customer

A special keynote by Scott Miller, CEO, Vision Critical

We are experiencing a revolutionary shift in the balance of power between companies and their customers.

Fueled by the widespread adoption of internet, social and mobile technologies, today’s empowered customers are able to broadcast their opinions wider and louder than ever before. Business leaders are now recognizing the need to make the voice of their customers central to their decision making.

So what can you do about it?

Watch Vision Critical CEO Scott Miller’s inspiring keynote, captured at the 2014 Vision Critical Summit, to learn the evolution of the customer and why every company must move beyond a one-way relationship that views customers as simple “consumers” of our products and services into a two-way partnership—a collaboration in which our customers become trusted advisors.

Equip Yourself for Today’s Empowered Customer

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Learn how loving the empowered customer is good for business

In the new eBook, The Four Tenets of Customer Love, we reveal how embodying the ideals of love helps you deliver better products and more refined services to better engage your customers.


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