Defining Voice of
the Customer Programs

The Current State and Future of Voice of the Customer Programs in Australia

Thirty-seven percent of marketers haven’t heard of Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs.

Yet for those marketers who have, 80 percent of them think that VoC programs are critical to the success of their business.

Forrester Research defines VoC programs as those that help companies listen to, interpret, act on and measure customer feedback. While VoC programs have been employed for many years, they’re becoming increasingly important as more organisations strive to become truly customer centric. By bringing the voice of the customer into business decisions, organisations are uncovering new, customer-led ways to improve experience and marketing efforts—and make smarter business decisions.

In partnership with the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), this study was conducted with members of AMI’s Intelligence Connected Insight Community, a community platform of marketers engaging in studies related to the marketing profession.

This in-depth report, Defining Voice of the Customer Programs, was created in partnership with the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and Vision Critical. It investigates VoC programs in organisations across Australia and New Zealand, uncovering the key challenges and opportunities for marketers today.

Key findings:

  • The knowledge gap of VoC programs from a marketer’s perspective
  • The current state of play for VoC programs
  • The future of VoC programs


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