Championing Voice of the
Customer in Australia

How to build a customer-led marketing organisation

Last year we discovered only 37% of marketers had heard of VoC programs. Yet for those who had, 80% believed they were critical to the success of their business.

This year we deep dived into the trends, challenges and successes of marketers across Australia to uncover expectations, overcome limitations and capitalise on the potential of VoC programs in 2018.

Hear case studies on how LinkedIn, The Lego Group and SkyBet are using their VoC programs to thrive. Join us to uncover practical tips and tricks that will help you realise the potential of your VoC programs and make smarter decisions for your brand.

Key Takeaways


  • Expectations vs. Reality: how to optimise your VoC program to realise its potential
  • Practical tips and best practices from leading customer-centric brands
  • Join an open Q&A discussion


About Andrew Thornton

Andrew is the Chair of the Australian Marketing Institute and Co-Founder and Director of Customer Edge, a specialist advice business in customer experience. Andrew’s career has spanned senior leadership roles in corporate Australia across the financial services, telecommunications and infrastructure sectors with leading brands including AMP, Optus, St. George Bank and Transurban.

About Liz Berks

Liz Berks is a Research Director at Vision Critical. She is well-versed in the complexities of CX management, from years of CX research spanning the UK, Hong Kong and Australia to working on the frontline of CX definition and development for a global airline.

Findings used in this webinar are based on the Report: Defining Voice of the Customer Programs, an in-depth study conducted by the Australian Marketing Insititute (AMI) and Vision Critical in conjunction with follow-up research to understand how the VoC landscape has changed in 2018.

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