Casinos and other gaming organizations grapple today with more competition, changing consumer preferences and the dizzying pace of technological change. These challenges have led to flat or declining sales growth in many gaming organizations.

Consumers today have a lot of entertainment options at their fingertips. As the demand for gambling stagnates, gaming organizations need to meet the evolving expectations of consumers.


commercial gaming’s growth in 2016

Source: Rubin Brown


of Millennials say gaming is important—a steep decline compared to older generations


out of 23 states in the US that have commercial gaming saw a decrease in sales in 2014 

Re-imagining innovation in the gaming industry

Traditionally, casinos haven’t prioritized customer engagement, but going only by gut instinct often results to products that no one wants, marketing campaigns that miss the mark and customer experiences that are mediocre.

It makes business sense for gaming organizations to engage with consumers. According to an IBM report, companies that outperform their competition are 54% more likely to collaborative extensively with their customers.

In this time of impressive change, driving revenue growth requires a closer relationship with players and consumer insight that leads to better business decisions.

Leveraging player relationship intelligence

The Vision Critical platform brings distinct understanding and foresight to the casino space by helping organizations get the insight they need to meet the evolving preferences, attitudes and opinions of their players.

Our platform enables companies to grow the customer lifetime value by bringing the voice of the consumer to the product, strategy, digital, customer experience and marketing teams.

How ongoing player relationship intelligence drives sales for gaming organizations

Discover and iterate on product ideas that mirror player behavior

Execute successful advertising campaigns to targeted audiences

Launch marketing and innovation initiatives that move the needle

Develop innovative programs that increase brand awareness

Uncover new technologies that resonate with targeted segments 

Develop a strong new player-acquisition strategy through a deeper understanding of customers

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