Blue Cross Blue Shield is modernizing

health insurance for today’s consumer

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What leaders in health care are saying about customer-centricity

“Our insight community has allowed us to explore topics that might not have otherwise been given attention due to budget constraints.”

—Anthem BCBS

“We have the ability to quickly test concepts with our community, resulting in quick decisions internally.”

—HealthNow BCBS

Today’s consumers have more information about health insurance premiums and packages and more options than ever before. This combination creates a unique challenge for insurance companies that once focused solely on the needs of institutional buyers. In this new landscape, insurance companies must now market and sell directly to consumers who expect more personalized services, enhanced online experiences and greater value.

Blue Cross Blue Shield’s journey to customer centricity

Blue Cross Blue Shield has embraced the reality of customer centricity and adopted tools that provide deeper insight into the attitudes, opinions and behaviors of their customers. Insight they uncover with ongoing, two-way dialogue with their customers helps Blue Cross Blue Shield companies inspire, validate and develop new, customer-led products and offerings.


From Horizon Healthcare Services to CareFirst BCBS, many Blue Cross Blue Shield companies within your organization are committed to better understanding the changing needs of members, employers and brokers by using Vision Critical’s customer intelligence software. Our industry-leading platform helps insurance providers uncover the insight they need to make better decisions in less time, with less effort and higher ROI.

Helping Horizon Healthcare Services transition to B2C

Bring the voice of the customer into all marketing, communications and new product ideas

Recruiting Horizon BCBSNJ Medicaid members

Connect directly with hard-to-reach, low income plan members and gather ongoing feedback

Developing CareFirst BCBS value-based care

Create strategy for value-based care and wellness models, helping members make healthy choices

Vision Critical enables Blue Cross Blue Shield to be even more customer-centric by:

Understanding consumer buying habits

Add critical context to transactional data and get a better understanding of customer preferences

Uncovering products and services that demonstrate real value

Support employers and brokers in understanding the changing needs of customers today

Following the member journey

Get a longitudinal understanding of the customer journey from plan enrolment to claim or crisis

Developing wellness and value-based care programs

Discover which wellness and preventative programs will be most valuable and keep members healthy

Testing marketing ideas and channels

Validate and inspire marketing campaigns and improve clarity of communications

Innovating with confidence

Bring customers into the innovation process early to evaluate and refine services and new products

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