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The Four Motivations that Drive a Winning Brand

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Living in the age of the empowered customer, it’s no longer just politics as usual in building and managing a brand. In today’s democratized marketplace, owning a brand is like running an election campaign that never ends. Marketers must better understand their customers’ changing demands and shape their brand to continue to stay in their favor.

How can marketers take control of their brand? They must first understand the 4 inherent motivations that drive a customer’s brand choice:

  1. Heuristics – Customer interpretation of a brand by experience over advertisement
  2. Values – The surprising role that values play in driving brand choices
  3. Trust – A brand can never grow in value beyond the extent to which people trust it
  4. Majority rules – Brand choice decided by the quiet voices of the majority rather the loudest enthusiasts

Watch our on-demand webinar with Bruce Philp, renowned speaker, author, and principal at Heuristic Branding and Nick Stein, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Vision Critical to learn about the opportunities for companies to better understand their customers and build brands that resonate with their changing needs.

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Our Speakers

Bruce Philp

Speaker and Principal, Heuristic Branding, and Author of Consumer Republic

Nick Stein

SVP of Marketing, Vision Critical