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Cashing Out

How Financial Institutions Can Survive Disruption

Financial institutions are struggling to understand the needs of a new breed of mobile-enabled, social media-obsessed customers.

  • Mobile payments are replacing branch banking
  • The Affordable Care Act is transforming health coverage
  • Customers are bypassing the expertise of financial professionals

12 million Americans now cash checks by smartphone pic

Find a way to meet the expectations of empowered customers.

Financial services industry expert Demitry Estrin clearly outlines the complex challenges facing the space today, and proposes a surprisingly simple solution: open the lines of communication with customers, encourage ongoing dialogue and transparency, and deliver the products customers are asking for.

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Authored By

Demitry Estrin

Managing Director, Financial Services Practice

Vision Critical

Demitry is an industry specialist with vast experience formulating and executing strategic research with global financial services clients. With extensive experience in product development and customer loyalty research, he specializes in improving the efficiency with which financial institutions deliver products and services to customers and prospects.