How to use co-creation at your organization

Co-create with your customers and generate ideas, products, and services that they really want and need.

VC IdeaHub is a new online co-creation solution that enables your organization to get better ideas faster by mobilizing your customers to be part of the ideation process.

Fuel your innovation with IdeaHub:

  • Create a “Dream Team” – Select customers based on their innate talents to join you on the ideation process.
  • Reduce Time and Effort – Running your collaboration online accelerates innovation by removing physical or geographic barriers.
  • Decrease Risk – Rigorous idea scoring enable faster delivery of the ideas that deserve your company’s time, money, and resources.
  • Deepen Customer Engagement – Bring customers inside your world and make them active partners in business decisions.

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Story - Molson Coors - Apr 7/14

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