How Brands Can Win in the Collaborative Economy

Report based on largest study to date on the collaborative economy

The collaborative economy is a quickly growing market in which consumers are sharing or trading goods and services with each other—enabled by a new set of websites and applications. Your customers have fundamentally changed the way they buy, according to a groundbreaking new report on the collaborative economy by Vision Critical and Jeremiah Owyang of Crowd Companies. If big brands want to maintain their dominance, they need to find new ways to sell. Learn how to win in this new economic reality.

  • Discover why the growth of the collaborative economy is a huge threat to big brands.
  • Understand the who, what, and why of the collaborative economy—backed by data.
  • Get recommendations on how your business can respond.

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Authored By


Jeremiah Owyang is the Chief Catalyst and Founder of Crowd Companies. Jeremiah helped major companies navigate the first phase of sharing, called social media.


Alexandra Samuel is Vice President for Social Media at Vision Critical, leading the company’s social media business and marketing strategy.

ANDREW GRENVILLE @grenvilleandrew

Andrew Grenville is the Chief Research Officer at Vision Critical. A research veteran of 25 years, Andrew leads the company in the development of innovative and informative analytics and approaches to research.