Communities of Consent

How customer communities can help build trust in the age of big data

Big Data is everywhere and is not going away. In fact, it’s just getting started. But will the Wild West days of big data last forever?

8 in 10 or more people are opposed to companies monitoring their online data, yet they end up unwittingly accepting the terms. What difference would it make if we asked for people’s permission to access their online data?

This white paper discusses:

  • Peoples’ current attitudes toward access to their big data
  • The possibility of a privacy revolution challenging the Wild West state of big data
  • How businesses can use communities of consent to create a sense of trust and mutual respect
  • How businesses can connect the why” to the “what” of big data by combining online data and insights accessed via communities of consent

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About the Author

Andrew Grenville, Chief Research Officer, Vision Critical

A research veteran of 25 years, Andrew leads Vision Critical in the development of innovative and informative analytics and approaches to research. Andrew is the author of numerous research products and measurement scales, with applications in a wide range of areas including branding, social capital, social media, health and religion. Global social and marketing research is also a focus of Andrew’s work. Andrew has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and has been quoted in numerous publications, including The Economist.

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