E-commerce is driving growth in retail

Roughly 10% of all retail transactions today are already completed online, both through desktop and mobile channels. More importantly, digital touchpoints influence almost half of the $4.5 trillion consumers spend through offline channels.

Despite the importance of having a solid e-commerce strategy, most companies have digital presences that are clunky at best.


the estimated impact of digital touchpoints on total U.S. retail sales even if 90% of purchases are made in-store


Source: National Retail Federation

8% to 12%

expected growth in online store sales in 2017—nearly 3x the growth rate for the entire retail industry


Source: National Retail Federation


of retailer sites have inefficient task flows, forcing customers to create workarounds to accomplish tasks


Source: Forrester

Digital transformation requires a focus on your customers and their experiences

Getting e-commerce right starts with an understanding of the customer experience. At the heart of your digital transformation initiatives should be a focus on what consumers need.

According to Forrester, the following steps are required to building a strategy that stands out in today’s retail industry:

Obsess over the customer 

Improve the online customer experience

Focus equally on in-store experiences

Invest in a digitally fluent organization 

With a customer mindset, companies can take a giant step toward ensuring that all the strategies for online, offline and on-the-go work together…The process has to reflect how your customer wants to buy, not how your company is organized.


Leveraging customer relationships to improve the customer experience

Vision Critical helps leading companies build better customer relationships and get the insight they need to drive retailing initiatives—both digital and offline.

Our platform enables companies to grow the customer lifetime value by helping them bring together customers who provide ongoing feedback on improving the customer journey, optimizing marketing channel strategies and launching breakthrough product offerings.

By empowering companies to engage thousands of consumers, the Vision Critical platform democratizes how companies use the customer point of view in the decision-making process.

How customer relationship intelligence drives e-commerce initiatives

Uncover proprietary data on consumer attitudes, preferences and opinions

Understand which customer segments prefer to buy online versus offline—and why

Identify pain points in the customer journey

Test and measure site usability with the same group of thousands of customers

Discover white space opportunities in the online market 

Grow customer lifetime value by delivering higher quality insight over time

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