Webinar featuring Brian Solis

The Four Moments of Truth That Lead to Meaningful Customer Experiences

Take the lead in creating shared customer experiences

Join Brian Solis, renowned keynote speaker, bestselling author, digital analyst and principal at Altimeter Group and Nick Stein, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Vision Critical, for a on-demand webinar on how companies can take a leading role in defining and designing shared customer experiences.

The connected, mobile, social world has transformed business as we know it. Customers are in charge, and they’re no longer interested in just products. Today’s empowered customers buy experiences; they buy based on how a company and its products make them feel.

The future of business depends on these customer experiences, as well as how they are created and shared. Customers share brand experiences every day, and companies have learned to respond. But it’s time for companies to take a leading role in creating shared customer experiences that are meaningful and memorable.

Watch on-demand to explore the four moments of truth in the customer journey and how your company can optimize, share, and reinforce these moments across your customers, partners, and employees.

Our Speakers

Brian Solis

Digital Analyst and Principal, Altimeter Group, and Author of What’s the Future of Business

Nick Stein

SVP of Marketing,
Vision Critical

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