Customer-centric companies enjoy a 55 percent increase in revenue and stronger customer retention

Build Better Products. Launch Successful Marketing Campaigns. Improve Customer Experience.

Watch a four-minute demo and see firsthand how Vision Critical’s customer intelligence platform, Sparq, can help your company get the ongoing, rapid feedback you need to make smarter, more confident decisions.

Our platform allows you to:

  • Recruit and curate a community of engaged customers
  • Capture comprehensive customer profiles that deepen over time
  • Gather ongoing, actionable insight that can be shared across the enterprise


customer intelligence software for marketers, market researchers and product development

Customers Are Your Most Valuable Asset

When you engage your most important stakeholders in an ongoing two-way conversation through a private, secure community, you develop a better understanding of their motivations, preferences and needs.

Sparq helps companies get to know the people behind the data. And the stories behind those people.

Get customer intelligence you can trust.

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