They’re Not Consumers, They’re Customers

Why the paradigm of consumerism is harming brands and hindering innovation

By John C. Havens, author of Hacking H(app)iness

You can probably guess that people don’t like being called consumers.

But did you know it has negative connotations and serious implications for your brand?

In a study led by internationally-recognized author and thought leader John C. Havens, two leading global brands used their insight communities to ask thousands of their customers a simple question: How do you feel about being called a consumer?

The response was swift and definitive. People hate being called consumers. Not only that, the vast majority of people said that calling them consumers negatively impacted their perception of the brands they buy from. It’s a startling revelation with serious repercussions for any company striving for relevance in today’s hyper-competitive landscape.

Read this report now and learn:
  • How companies can move beyond a one-way relationship that views customers as consumers.
  • Why companies that fail to humanize customers are damaging their brand.
  • What your company can do to effectively engage your customers for ongoing feedback and insight.

The results are conclusive and the evidence is compelling. Words do matter and the first step towards customer-centricity and continued success starts with a simple shift in your lexicon.

Authored By

John C. Havens

Author of Hacking H(app)iness

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