In this panel discussion at the 2015 Vision Critical Summit in Chicago, speakers from Hartz, DEWALT and Hyundai discuss how they use customer intelligence to improve the product innovation cycle.



Nicholas Panayotou, Consumer & Category Insights at Hartz
Shannon Chenoweth, Market Research Manager at DEWALT
Elijah Kim, Sr. Market Research Manager, Corporate Planning Department at Hyundai Motor America
Mary Beth Lake, Senior Vice President at Vision Critical (moderator)


Notable Moments

(02:51) Innovation can occur anytime in a product’s life cycle, not just during idea generation.

The challenge of generating fresh ideas
(4:15) DEWALT’s Shannon Chenoweth describes how her customer community helps her team to not just collect a breadth of ideas, but have them already prioritized by the end users.

Consumer-centric product development
(8:50) Hartz’s Nicholas Panayatou explains how the company moved from a traditional, engineering approach in product development to a customer-centric approach. See how Hartz’s insight community helped them gather data-driven insights to create insight-driven products.

(12:34) Hartz and DEWALT discuss the speed at which their teams design, program and deploy a survey and get quick actionable insight within a day with their insight communities.

Leveraging different perspectives to create better solutions
(16:39) Hyundai’s Elijah Kim describes the different kinds of voices that help Hyundai develop better products: average buyers, competitive buyers, target buyers, experts, early adopters and enthusiasts.

(22:20) Harts, DEWALT and Hyundai each share an example of how their teams look beyond the average buyer for insights.

(26:37) “Your customers are very good at communicating and sharing their problems,” summarizes moderator Mary Beth Lake. Insight communities allow companies to gather information and listen to what people are saying as they develop new products.

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