News Corp Australia uses their community Pulse of Australia as a central tool to develop deep insights into their audience base — from understanding category motivation, influence and behaviour, client marketing testing to gauging brand recall, interest, sentiment and action. Hear how News Corp was able to  generate $3.2M in open opportunities and ½ million in sales for a single study and a lift in brand awareness from 16% to 43% in another study.

In this fireside chat filmed at the 2016 Customer Intelligence Summit in Sydney, hear how News Corp Australia’s community helps drive better ad sales:

  • Driving deep insights across Australian citizens
  • Achieving 80% confidence intervals for studies with customer segmentation
  • Result from a single study: Increase in ad sales by $500K and $3.2M in opportunities for a local community newspaper

News Corp Australia was a 2016 Visionary Award Finalist for Asia Pacific.


  • Rebecca Colquhoun, Research Manager, News Corp Australia
  • Liz Berks, Research Director, Vision Critical

Hear how News Corp Australia uses their community to develop deep insights into their audience base and drive more personalised marketing campaigns with their advertisers. Result: Better advertising revenue for the business.

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