eBook: The Quick and the Dead

Manifesto for change in consumer insight

The speed at which ideas are moving is ever-increasing. The market research industry is not excluded from this quickened pace as we are all constantly looking for ways to speed up the insight process in the face of change. This has proven to be difficult as the speed that market research is able to deliver these results is quite often, simply not fast enough.

Vision Critical has identified methodologies and technologies that can speed up this process. The Quick and the Dead looks at the changing nature of speed in society, reviews consequences, looks at different strategies that have been adopted in other industries, and sets out a manifesto for change for the consumer insight business.

We encourage you to download The Quick and the Dead, A Manifesto for Change in Consumer Insight.

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QuickAndDead_SidebarImage_130x170In this eBook you will learn:

  • Why leveraging technology to conduct market research will increase efficiency
  • How to implement a “built for speed” approach into insight processes
  • The key trends that will enable researchers to convey findings faster

Download The Quick and the Dead eBook and start working towards quicker insights today.

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