Captured at the 2014 Vision Critical Summit in New York, watch this panel discussion to get a first-hand perspective on:

  • Challenges insight departments face in elevating the role of customer intelligence
  • Successful strategies you can implement to strengthen the role of customer intelligence in your enterprise
  • Ways to use customer intelligence to drive innovation and marketing strategy



Sam Trimboli, Junior Consumer Insights Specialist at Price Chopper Supermarkets
Joshua Cooper, Director of Customer & Digital Insights at Guitar Center
Simon Pope, Director of Innovation at Maple Leaf Consumer Foods
Elias Hadaya, Director of Supporter Insight at World Vision Canada
Tyler Douglas, Chief Marketing Officer at Vision Critical (moderator)


Notable Moments

Challenges in Elevating Customer Intelligence
(05:21) Maple Leaf Foods’ challenges in launching new products.

(08:03) How World Vision’s insight department changes from a request-driven department to one that gives a clear competitive advantage to the organization.

(10:55) “You can’t go and just present data, thinking your job is done. You have to go further. You have to not just do one slide of recommendations at the end of your PowerPoint—you have to understand the business,” says Elias Hadaya.

(12:01) Steps Joshua Cooper took to transform Guitar Center into an insight-driven organization.

Elevating Customer Intelligence
(14:05) How Price Chopper gains insight on competitors and trends from its community of customers.

(16:47) How customer feedback and insight helps Guitar Center to revive a depleting brand.

(21:06) How World Vision refines its fundraising tactics based on segmentation from its insight community.

Using Customer Intelligence for Innovation
(23:30) A story of how Maple Leaf Foods successfully launches Protinis, a product idea that came from its customers.

Using Customer Intelligence for Marketing Strategy
(26:54) How Price Chopper uses customer feedback to design a new line of reusable shopping bags.

(29:53) World Vision creates a provocative campaign without damaging its existing donor base through extensive ad testing.

(34:33) Guitar Center engages its customers for testing, feedback and reiterations of its TV advertising to target young musicians.

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