Webinar featuring John C. Havens

The SECRET to Surviving the Customer Revolution

Our Customers Are Empowered

We are experiencing a revolutionary shift in the balance of power between companies and their customers.

Fuelled by the widespread adoption of cloud, social, and mobile technologies, our customers now have access to more information, more choices, and more opportunities to broadcast their opinions, widely and loudly, than ever before.

The question is, “what can we do about it?”

Watch the on-demand webinar and discover a new approach to interacting and engaging with today’s empowered customer.

We need to move beyond a one-way relationship that views our customers as simple “consumers” of our products and services to a two-way partnership — a collaboration in which our customers become trusted advisors.

Why You Must Watch This Webinar

The age of the empowered customer is here to stay. Learn from our speakers as they discuss:

  • How customers really feel about the word “consumer”, based on exclusive customer research conducted by Kimberly-Clark and Fred Meyer
  • What your company can do to effectively engage your customers for ongoing
    feedback and insight
  • How engaging customers at the right time in the right way can deliver meaningful business results

Our Speakers

John C. Havens

Nick Stein
SVP, Vision Critical

Watch Now

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