The Everything Guide to Millennials

An Authoritative Assessment of a Generation That’s Changing the World

Millennials are now every brand’s most important customers and every firm’s most relied-upon workers. They control over $600 billion in annual spending, and their changing tastes can make or break your company.
If you want to survive, you need to immediately become an expert on this powerful generation.

The Everything Guide to Millennials is your crash course. We conducted a real, authoritative study, tabulated the results, and arrived at a startling portrait of a generation that’s changed all the rules.

This original research reveals that:

  • Millennials are the main disruptors of finance, media, retail and health care 
  • Millennials are big spenders —provided your company listens to them
  • Millennials will pay a premium for “green” products
  • Millennials rely on social networks to inform their purchase decisions

Who should read this e-book:

  • Marketers
  • Customer Experience
  • Market Researchers
  • Human Resources
  • Product Developers

Don’t miss out on the $600-billion Millennial opportunity. 


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