White Paper: The Future of Mobile in Research

Blurring of Online and Offline Worlds

Our mobile experiences today mark the seamless integration of humanity and technology at an unprecedented level. The online universe we live in shapes our offline lives, changing our relationship with almost everything.

The International Telecommunications Union forecasts global mobile penetration to exceed 100% by 2014. For research and insight professionals, developing winning “go mobile” strategies will become a necessity to stay competitive.


This white paper by Gen2 Advisors on the future of mobile in research discusses:

  • Why mobile is becoming the dominant mode of data collection for marketing research?
  • What extent are the compelling platform features in mobile devices relevant to marketing research?
  • What makes mobile devices powerful and valuable assets to data collection programs such as: survey research, mobile qualitative, social media and more?
  • What advantages mobile-based data collection presents to market researchers who choose to become mobile savvy?

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