Going Global

How to make a meaningful connection with customers in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific is a market of unlimited and untapped potential

With so much at stake, why has the purchasing behavior and preferences of Asian customers remained a mystery to most multinational companies?

Discover how internationally-recognized brands have broken through

Asia is a diverse market with varying levels of customer sophistication. The importance of regional awareness is amplified by geopolitical challenges and fragmented markets.

Watch this webinar and learn how leading brands like Cathay Pacific are using their Insight Communities to:

  • Create products and services that resonate in regional markets
  • Develop deeper understanding of APAC customer preferences and motivations
  • Evolve and grow with the APAC market, anticipate changes and respond to challenges

Harness the power of community to connect with customers in Asia Pacific

Companies must develop a deeper understanding of their customers in each region. In order to truly connect, they need a tool that allows them to engage directly with customers across the region and open an ongoing, two-way dialogue that will deliver the insight they need to develop a more focused, timely and effective expansion strategy.

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Our Speakers

Scott Lee

Managing Director, ABN Impact Hong Kong

Scott Lee has a 20-year career in market research across Europe and Asia. ABN Impact partners with Vision Critical to provide collaborative and co-creative services to help brands in Hong Kong, China and South East Asia develop closer relationships with their customers.

Peter Harris

EVP and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Vision Critical

Peter is a leading expert with 25 years of experience in marketing, research and strategy planning across multiple sectors throughout Asia Pacific. At Vision Critical, he is responsible for key client relationships across the Asia Pacific region.