The Enterprise Guide to Customer Intelligence

How customer intelligence can be your potent competitive advantage

Learn about the tools you need to win in business today.

Has your business been impacted by the empowered customer? If so, then you know from firsthand experience that the customer is in control. In order to adjust your strategy to meet their demands, it’s critical to become familiar with the tools and tactics you can use to deepen your understanding of today’s customer.

Introducing The Enterprise Guide To Customer Intelligence.

No jargon. No buzzwords. Just a direct description of the customer intelligence tools available to you today.

This guide will take you through the difference between data, intelligence and insight and then dissect the primary sources of customer intelligence today:

  • Big Data
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Customer Relations Management Systems (CRM)
  • Focus groups
  • Ad-hoc surveys
  • Insight Communities

This guide will deepen your understanding of modern customer intelligence and help you transform the collective wisdom of your customers into a potent competitive advantage.

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Authored By

Tyler Douglas

Chief Marketing Officer, Vision Critical

Tyler Douglas is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur with a proven track record. As the CMO of Vision Critical, he heads up the global marketing team and is passionate about building better customer relationships.