How Customer Research Can Get its Mojo Back

A special keynote by Andrew Reid, Founder, Vision Critical

Customer research is ripe for disruption, and only the agile will survive.

The new age of the empowered customer is forcing the hand of the traditional customer researcher. Today, customers want to collaborate with companies, feel informed and provide meaningful direction. To meet these new challenges, customer research must elevate their importance and influence across the enterprise and introduce the customer to the centre of the the decision making matrix.

Reclaim your seat in the boardroom

Watch Vision Critical Founder and Chief Product Officer, Andrew Reid define the current marketplace and describe what it takes to remain relevant.

Notable Moments

(01:00) Time magazine says that the data scientist will be the #1 job of the future

(01:28) Those who work in customer intelligence have the trust of executives

(03:41) People want to share ideas about products they love, personalization and information about themselves

(04:30) Who is the empowered customer?

(05:12) 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated

(05:21) It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience

(06:57) The challenge of siloed data

(08:31) Reid shares three things companies need to do:

  1. Find ways to engage your customers better
  2. Find ways to make the data you have more actionable and impactful
  3. Find ways to build bridges and better relationships with stakeholders


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