How employee feedback helps Westfield Group and Vision Critical grow their companies

"Our CEO has always asked for all of our research results...just to give him a pulse on what’s going on in the company."
—Amy Feeman, Senior Marketing Research Analyst at Westfield Group

Sometimes the brightest ideas for improving your products and your company come from your own workforce. Discover how engaging with your own staff through an employee community can help develop ideas that revolutionize your business.

In this panel discussion filmed at the 2015 Vision Critical Summit in Chicago, hear what Vision Critical and Westfield Group have to say about:

  • The top reasons for launching an employee community
  • The tangible business impact of employee engagement
  • Advice for others considering an employee community

Amy Feeman, Senior Marketing Research Analyst, Westfield Group
Ellie Hutton, Senior Director of Customer Marketing, Vision Critical
Andrew Reid, Founder and President, Vision Critical (moderator)

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