Food for Thought:

How 5,000 shoppers help Price Chopper thrive in the evolving grocery industry

Using customer insight to navigate disruptions in a $600 billion industry

Evolving customer preferences and a more fragmented market are two of the biggest challenges facing the grocery industry. Price Chopper, an American grocery chain of 135 stores, is tackling these issues with the insight they get from Food for Thought, its insight community on the Sparq 3 platform.

Join Price Chopper in this webinar and Q&A to learn how the company uses its insight community to: 

  • Guide the naming and packaging of private label products
  • Increase foot traffic by enhancing marketing campaigns
  • Improve the customer experience through innovative merchandising
  • Leverage shopper feedback to guide key components of a major rebrand

Webinar Details:

Duration: 45 mins

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