How Movie Theater Chain Ster-Kinekor Grew its Audience

The movie theater industry is in a state of turmoil. The growth of home theater and mobile technologies, on-demand streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and film piracy has left theater chains struggling to fill seats. But one movie theater chain has found a way to deliver success.

In a presentation at the 2014 Vision Critical Summit, Ster-Kinekor’s Doug Place shares how the company uses its insight community to stay relevant in the competitive entertainment marketplace.

Story - Molson Coors - Apr 7/14

Presented by:
Doug Place, marketing executive at Ster-Kinekor

Notable Moments

(01:16) What is Ster-Kinekor?

(05:20) The challenges Ster-Kinekor face with the millennial market.

(06:00) The issue of big data and the ability to turn data into meaningful insight.

(6:58) How Ster-Kinekor uses its Vision Critical Insight Community.

(7:50) The speed at which Ster-Kinekor needs to produce insight and the limitations of traditional market research.

(9:10) Cracking the box office code: why predictive data and social analytics present challenges when it comes to insight generation.

(10:20) About the Ster-Kinekor insight community: what is its purpose and who are the members.

(13:10) How Ster-Kinekor has used its insight community to bust some of the myths around the ideal cinema experience.

(13:20) Example 1: Mandela – A Long Walk to Freedom. How the community helped shape marketing and navigate sensitivities for the distribution of this film in its homeland of South Africa.

(18:50) How insight from the community helped improve Ster-Kinekor’s market share for the film.

(20:30) Example 2: Business-to-business use of the community. How Ster-Kinekor uses its community to advise cinema advertisers in their purchasing and creative decisions.

(22:40) What does this all mean? How has insight community generated insight helped Ster-Kinekor grow its audience and revenue?

(24:05) How the Ster-Kinekor insight community is more than just a marketing tool—it’s a business intelligence tool.

(26:00) Recap video of the presentation.

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