24hr insight. 3x higher engagement.
Up to 10x more customer conversations.

Recognising the value of insight-driven decision making, forward-thinking brands are using insight communities to generate same-day insight, directly from their customers.

Discover how top brands uncover market opportunities and deliver superior experiences to the end-consumer through on-going, authentic customer conversations.

Explore 11 in-depth case studies on leading customer-centric brands including Telstra, Southern Cross Austereo, and Bendigo Bank on how they leverage insight communities to drive business growth.

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What’s inside

Media & Entertainment

Over $15M in ad revenue influenced in one year


Up to 30 point increase in advocacy within 30 days


$104M in retail sales from NPD over two years

Gambling & Entertainment

250% ROI per customer within 30 days

Financial services

90% drop in phone
queue complaints


25% estimated decrease in seller distribution costs

Media & Entertainment

7 of 9 KPIs measured with the community

Financial services

5x increase in First Home Buyer applications


Two times faster insight generation


42 percent decrease in service centre enquiries

Media & Entertainment

360° view of
digital audiences