Webinar with Jay Baer

Hug your haters

How to minimize the impact of angry customers

Did you know there are two vastly different categories of haters?

Jay Baer and Edison Research conducted a landmark study of more than 2,000 customers and identified Offstage Haters and Onstage Haters—two distinct camps that need to be handled very differently.

Supported by dozens of interviews with large and small companies, social networks and review websites, psychiatrists, and legal experts, Hug Your Haters is a step-by-step guide to minimizing the impact of haters and complainers.

For the very first time online:

Hug Your Haters is this best-selling author’s highest-rated speaking engagement and is being shown for the very first time online during this webinar.

Hear from Baer as he shares:

  • how, where and why people complain (by demographic and by channel)
  • how fast and often customers expect a response when they complain
  • the differences in complaint type and expectations by industry


WEBINAR Hug Your Haters: How to minimize the impact of angry customers

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Story - Molson Coors - Apr 7/14

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