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What leaders in health care are saying about customer-centricity

“I would like to see consumer empowerment become a top priority for all health care companies.”

—Marilyn Tavenner, CEO, AHIP

“The American people are behaving in health care more and more like consumers.”

—Bernard Tyson, CEO, Kaiser Permanente

Today’s consumers have more information about health insurance premiums and packages and more options than ever before. This combination creates a unique challenge for insurance companies that once focused solely on the needs of institutional buyers. In this new landscape, insurance companies are marketing and selling directly to consumers who expect more personalized services, enhanced online experiences and greater value.

Kaiser Permanente’s journey to customer centricity

Kaiser Permanente has embraced the reality of customer centricity and adopted tools that provide deeper insight into the attitudes, opinions and behaviors of their customers. Insight they uncover with ongoing, two-way dialogue with their customers helps Kaiser Permanente inspire, validate and develop new, customer-led products and offerings.


Many teams across your organization have demonstrated a commitment to better understanding the changing needs of Kaiser Permanente members, employers and brokers by using Vision Critical’s customer intelligence software. Our industry-leading platform helps insurance providers uncover the insight they need to make better decisions in less time, with less effort and higher ROI.

Vision Critical currently supports Kaiser Permanente:

Communicating with clarity

Test and improve marketing and communications messages

Saving research costs

Leverage multiple insight communities by running qualitative and quantitative activities on a single platform

Addressing the needs of target customers

Develop services that are valuable and effective to niche target groups, such as parents of autistic children

Marketing effectively to members

Improve messaging and campaigns by understanding the changing needs and preferences

Gaining competitive insight into employers

Understand which factors contribute to evaluation and conversion of different payers

Supporting brokers in sales cycles

Understand how to support brokers more effectively so they can market and sell Kaiser Permanente services

Vision Critical enables Kaiser Permanente plans to be even more customer-centric:

Adding greater context to experience metrics

Uncover actionable insight behind experience metrics, such as NPS and CAHPS, to target specific
areas for improvement

Innovating for the future of health care

Inspire and validate new products and services that add real value by gathering ongoing insight from customers and thought leaders

Reducing employee churn and increasing satisfaction

Eliminate the high cost of turnover by identifying issues and understanding the needs of Kaiser Permanente employees, care providers and physicians

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