As the brains behind the groundbreaking companies Hello, eos and Method, Craig Dubitsky has seen firsthand the power of a well-executed simple idea.

In his keynote presentation at the 2015 Vision Critical Summit in Chicago, Dubitsky shares how he came up with the idea to reinvent the $30-billion global oral care category, and how he identifies the big, bold ideas that help brand leaders create products and experiences that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.



Craig Dubitsky, founder and CEO, Hello Products


Notable Moments

(10:01) “We need to create the art we want in our everyday lives,” says Dubitsky.

(10:16) “There’s no such thing as a boring category. People care about everything,” explains Dubitsky. People may not know how to tell companies they care, but they do. Dubitsky continues, “there’s no such thing as a boring category, there’s just boring executions.”

(10:43) Everything can be made better and more beautiful. “Design to me is about thoughtfulness,” says Dubitsky. He illustrates his point with the story of how, 18 months after it launched, Method Products became Inc. 500’s seventh fastest-growing company.

(13:11) What’s authentic? Dubitsky answers, “authentic is really about getting simplicity right.”

(17:27) From vacuums and hand soap to prescription drug containers and strollers, the reinvention of commodity categories through design is happening everywhere.

(23:58) Everything communicates. Dubitsky explains the thoughtful design behind Hello toothpaste—from packaging to the material of the tube and UPC code.

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