Turn Anger into Love

eBook: Love Your Angriest Customers

You need your customers’ passionate feedback to help drive better business decisions

More than ever before, companies ignore angry customers at their peril. One angry customer’s Facebook post can inspire a widespread revolt and undermine a long-established brand reputation. Sometimes, your most irate customers are the ones who love you most. You need to understand what makes them angry in order to better position your business to respond to crises, anticipate problems and create solutions.

Are you guilty of one of the four common mistakes brands make with their angriest customers?

  • Ignoring anger
  • Dismissing concerns
  • Forgetting that the customer is your priority
  • Digging in your heels

How do you seize the opportunity to convert anger back into love and positive engagement? Download the new eBook, Love Your Angriest Customers, to learn how engaging with your customers leads to the timely, actionable insight that drives better business outcomes.

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Authored By

Tyler Douglas

Chief Marketing Officer, Vision Critical

Tyler Douglas is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur with a proven track record. As the CMO of Vision Critical, he heads up the global marketing team and is passionate about building better customer relationships.