Marketing 2.0: Lessons from A&E Network, MarriottDIGITAL and ESPN

"To say that the audience is fragmented is an understatement—it has exploded. Consumers have the luxury of choice and convenience. They are empowered to control their experience in the way they want it to. And we need to listen to what their wants and their needs are in order to meet those expectations."
—Mariel Estrada, Vice President, Strategic Insights at A&E Networks

Some of the world’s biggest brands are using an Insight Community to test messages, collect content from customers and build a marketing campaign. In this panel discussion filmed at the 2015 Vision Critical Summit in Chicago, get these questions answered by A&E Network, MarriottDIGITAL and ESPN:

  • As digital and mobile audiences become increasingly fragmented, how does an insight community help you anticipate and adapt?
  • How does an insight community influence the development and execution of your website?
  • What is the biggest change the industry has seen in the way customers consume entertainment?

Lea Paradowski, Digital and Channel Research, MarriottDIGITAL
Crystal Pena, Senior Research Analyst, ESPN
Mariel Estrada, Vice President, Strategic Insights, A&E Network
Nick Stein, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Vision Critical (moderator)

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