Why Ad Hoc Surveys
Don’t Work

Find out why empowered customers aren’t answering your questions—and how you can win them back

When was the last time you received an ad hoc survey?
Did you complete it?

If you said no, you aren’t alone.

72% say surveys interfere with the experience of a survey
80% abandon a survey halfway through
52% say they won't spend more than three minutes filling out a survey

For a century, companies have relied on ad-hoc surveys to help them understand their customers. These one-way communications, often appearing out of nowhere, offer little value to the customer and unreliable data to the brands that employ them.

The traditional survey has lost its usefulness.

Your customers’ distaste for ad-hoc surveys is only growing, presenting a big challenge to companies that rely on surveys to gather customer feedback and insight.

Join the revolution. #NoSpamSurveys

No Spam Surveys with Scott Miller

Read No Spam Surveys by Vision Critical CEO Scott Miller to learn:

  • Who is actually responding to ad-hoc surveys
  • What is killing participation and completion rates
  • Why traditional surveys consistently fail to deliver usable insight
  • How you can re-engage your customers and uncover the insight you need to make better business decisions

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