Retailers are feeling the heat. As e-commerce companies like Amazon continue to gain market share, traditional companies struggle to drive sales and keep stores open. Many established retailers, once the dominant players in their industry, are finding themselves on the brink of bankruptcy.

To drive customer loyalty and sales, retailers of all sizes are investing in omnichannel strategies. The goal: provide a seamless and consistent customer experience across all channels to attract, delight and retain customers.

Despite the millions of dollars going to omnichannel retailing, most companies are failing to meet customer expectations


of retailers lack a single brand experience across channels


of retail executives are confident about their company’s ability to provide omnichannel services

So why are companies failing? A report from Accenture and Forrester Consulting puts the blame on lack of customer insight. There is a big disconnect between what customers need and what retailers provide.

How profitable retailers approach omnichannel

According to McKinsey, delivering an omnichannel customer experience requires a disciplined approach that takes the following four steps:

Discovering and creating buyer personas

Charting a customer journey map

Implementing initiatives that address pain points

Enabling continuous improvement

At the heart of this process is the customer. Getting omnichannel retailing right involves understanding how customers think and behave at each step of the buyer journey.

With a customer mindset, companies can take a giant step toward ensuring that all the strategies for online, offline and on-the-go work together…The process has to reflect how your customer wants to buy, not how your company is organized.


Leveraging customer insight to drive the omnichannel strategy

Vision Critical helps leading retail companies such as Elizabeth Arden, Chico’s and Barnes & Noble College get the customer insight they need to provide a more seamless end-to-end customer experience.

Our platform enables companies to create insight communities of engaged customers to understand buyer personas, uncover buyer pain points and unlock the true potential of omnichannel retailing.

How insight communities help retail companies like yours

Uncover proprietary data on consumer attitudes, preferences and opinions

Identify and resolve pain points in the buyer journey

Test and validate omnichannel tactics

Connect transactional data with shopper feedback and insight

Enhance in-store offerings

Optimize pricing and promotions across channels

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