3 Strategies for Success

from Leading Retailer Fred Meyer

In the high-stakes grocery game, gaining a clear understanding of customer motivation is critical. But what happens when there’s a gap between what customers say they want and what they actually buy?

Jeffery Temple, the director of customer insights and marketing at Fred Meyer, shares in a presentation at the 2014 Vision Critical Summit how the large retailer closed that gap with an integrated approach that utilized real time mobile engagement, deep customer profiling and shopper data.

Presented by:
Jeffery Temple, Fred Meyer

Notable Moments

1. Behavioral and Attitudinal Data: A Match Made in Heaven

(1:15) The marriage between behavioral data and attitudinal data.

(1:24) How Fred Meyer responded to the stigma behind self-reported data by incorporating household loyalty data to populate member profiles.

(5:58) The four key forms of segmentation: lifestyle, facility, price and loyalty.

(7:25) An example of how Fred Meyer used the four key forms of segmentation in testing new promotional concepts.

2. Custom Segmentation: Cluster Driven Analysis

(8:45) An example of how Fred Meyer does custom segmentation.

(9:08) Three tips for how to make cluster segmentation successful within your business:

  1. Internal branding is critical.
  2. Segmentation needs to be stakeholder-oriented.
  3. Segments need to be instantly-digestible.

(10:00) How Fred Meyer uses custom segmentation to determine where the company wants to be in five to ten years.

(10:46) How Fred Meyer developed its customer segments based on three motivational keys: health, environment and moral compass.

3. Real-time Mobile Engagement
(17:14) An example of how Fred Meyer used real-time mobile engagement in its in-store re-design.

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