Between 2012 and 2015, top food manufacturers in the U.S. lost three percent of the market to smaller rivals—a loss valued at $18 billion. In the same time period, large firms grew by just 1.8 percent, while smaller companies gained 15 percent.

To remain relevant, large CPG companies need to pay attention to their end consumers and understand how that dynamic impacts their relationship with retailers.

What profitable CPG companies do differently

Experts agree that CPGs today need to be consumer-centric if they want to control shelf space. Getting real-time shopper insight is key.

According to McKinsey, CPG companies that outperform competitors leverage shopper insight in four key ways:

Use sophisticated analytics tools

Collect data from retailers

Analyze shopper attributes

Generate granular shopper insight

Rebalancing the CPG-retailer relationship

Shopper insight provides CPG companies the leverage they need as they negotiate with highly sophisticated, analytical and data-driven retailers.

“The CPG sales organization must develop its insights capabilities. In an age of information overload, a CPG company must be able to generate insights that aren’t simply descriptive or explanatory, but predictive and prescriptive—offering fact-based answers to the questions, ‘What will happen?’ and ‘What should we do to get the most benefit out of what will happen?’

No longer will it be enough to generate insights at the national, channel, or customer level on a weekly or monthly basis. Retailers will expect store-specific, real-time insights tailored to their strategic priorities.”

- McKinsey

Engaging your customers and leveraging the data you already have

Vision Critical powers the insight communities of the world’s leading CPG companies, including Kimberly-Clark Australia and DEWALT. These companies use their communities to get real-time shopper insight they can use to build better products, elevate their brand and boost value for retail partners.

How insight communities help CPG companies like yours

Uncover proprietary data on consumer attitudes, preferences and opinions

Easily share shopper insight with retail partners

Optimize pricing and promotions

Anticipate emerging trends

Enhance in-store offerings

Maximize category performance

“We’ve gone  from being a manufacturing-led company to a consumer-centric company…‘Mums’ drive what we produce, what we market and what decisions we make.”

– Alla Nock,
Market Research and Analytics Manager, Kimberly-Clark Australia

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