In this session, captured at the 2015 Vision Critical Summit in Chicago, Ray Poynter explains why researchers must become more agile and resourceful, and move beyond traditional research, ad-hoc surveys and sample panels.



Ray Poynter, Vision Critical University Director


Notable Moments

(01:10) The world has changed. We no longer have a world where products are truly differentiated. Therefore, we must have emotional relationships with brands. “We absolutely have to share power with customers,” says Ray Poynter.

(03:14) We’ve got to separate the signal from the noise. We are accumulating more and more data, so how do we filter the information?

(10:08) “We’ve absolutely got to go mobile,” urges Ray Poynter. Fifty percent of all surveys in U.S., are not suitable for mobile, yet one-third of people who want to take part in surveys want to do it on mobile.

(14:00) Ray Poynter uses the cholera pandemic in the 1850s to illustrate the importance of evidence-based decision making, especially among market researchers. “We can’t wait until we have a perfect answer before we make a decision,” explains Poynter. “Market researchers must join the dots, look at multiple sources and come to a solution.”

(20:05) Researchers must break out of the market research silo. Look beyond your project, and market research or marketing departments. Researchers should be leveraging insights from all areas of the business.


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