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10 Ways Market Researchers Can Remain Relevant

Market Research is no longer a numbers game

The market has changed. Customers are firmly in control. The tools and tactics market researchers and insight professional once depended on are no longer capable of delivering the insight companies need to connect with today’s empowered customers.


The shift from empirical to emotional research

Ray Poynter has been on the forefront of market research for more than two decades. He’s seen trends come and go. The situation today is not a passing fad—it’s a new reality that’s here to stay.

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Ray Poynter

Director, Vision Critical University

Ray is the Director of Vision Critical University, the author of The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research, the creator of, and is in constant demand as a conference speaker, contributing author, workshop leader, and advisor. Ray describes his role in Vision Critical as chief noisemaker and iconoclast.