What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You

Companies don’t know it yet, but there’s a gaping hole in the Big Data they’re using to analyze customer behavior.

In their efforts to become more customer-centric, companies increasingly are relying on the big data they collect from social media analytics tools to help them understand customer behavior. However, if you’re using social media analytics to guide your social, marketing, and overall business strategies, you face a very real risk of misreading your customers.

We’ve discovered that 30 percent of social media users account for 90 percent of social media updates. More importantly, the buying behavior of this slice of enthusiastic users differs in important ways from the rest of their customer base.

Written by Author Alexandra Samuel, with contributions from Vision Critical Founder and Chief Product Officer Andrew Reid, What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You explores the different types of social media users, how their behaviors differ and what’s missing from social listening.

For the first time, we can tell companies exactly what they’re missing when they tune into the noisy minority — because we’ve uncovered exactly how social media “enthusiasts” differ from the vast majority of people on social.

Authored By

Alexandra Samuel


Andrew Reid

Founder & Chief Product Officer, Vision Critical

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