Watch the replay of the opening keynotes from the Customer Intelligence Summit


A three-day event of networking and learning, Summit is where we celebrate the success of Vision Critical customers and unveil new enhancements coming to the Sparq platform. Watch presentations from Vision Critical CEO Scott Miller and Vision Critical CTO Alan Price.

Here’s a preview of these two must-see keynotes

Opening Keynote: Future Proof Your Business

As companies scramble for a competitive advantage in an ever-changing world full of disruption and uncertainty, one thing has remained constant: deep customer understanding is the backbone of any enduring strategy. In this keynote, Scott Miller, CEO of Vision Critical, shares five stories of truly visionary companies that have successfully oriented their business around the voice of their customer.

Product Keynote

An understanding of our customers’ challenges, aspirations, concerns and expectations is the fuel that drives Alan’s passion for problem solving. His ultimate goal it to not only exceed your expectations, but delight you in the process. In this keynote, he introduces new product features he believes will do exactly that.

Watch the keynotes

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