Symptoms of Change

The Affordable Care Act has created challenges for insurers and health care providers,

which need to become more consumer oriented to survive

Are you ready for the retailization of health care?

The American health care industry is undergoing a rapid, broad-scale transformation into a more consumer-oriented, retail-driven business model. As new entrants have flooded the market with a wide array of patient services, established insurers and providers are struggling to maintain market share, meet new requirements for data collection, deliver quality services and, most importantly, ensure high patient satisfaction. Health care is in catch-up mode.


Who should read this eBook:

  • Patient Experience Managers and Directors
  • Member Services Managers and Directors
  • Marketing and Customer Experience teams


What you’ll learn:

  • Why health care providers and insurers are integrating customer engagement initiatives
  • How to create an omnichannel experience for your patients
  • How successful health care insurers and providers gather the best, most reliable patient insight—and integrate that insight into their operations

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What health care customers are saying

Our community makes us smarter and more efficient; we invest less on dead-end projects.
Mark Rothwell, VP of Marketing and Communications, Dean Clinic
By focusing on what our customer needs are as they evolve over time, we can maintain the competitive edge in our products, services and marketing to our members.
Ed Lara, Director, Marketing Strategy, Horizon Healthcare Services
We’re able to tap into our customer database at any point and ask our members any questions.
Valerie Sue, Sr. Consultant, National Market Research, Kaiser Permanente